can Hijive help me design my website?

While Hijive is a hosting company, its parent firm Vordik offers full Identity Management services, including custom web design & development. In addition, Hijive clients receive preferred rates on Vordik services. Contact Hijive to learn more!

can Hijive help me upload my website?

Of course! Our team is here to assist you. One service we offer is a complete HTML website installation ($49), where you can leave everything to us.

when can I cancel my account?

Anytime! Simply email us with a request for cancellation. Just remember that we bill monthly - so you will be billed for the entirety of whichever month you send the request in.

can I request upgrades to my hosting account?

If you require more bandwidth or space, just contact the Hijive team to discuss how we can help!

do Hijive customers receive benefits at Vordik?

Yes. When working with the Vordik design team, you will be billed the Hijive preferred rate.

do Vordik customers receive benefits at Hijive?

Yes. All Vordik clients receive one year of free hosting on Hijive servers.

i have a technical question about Hijive servers.

Perhaps it would be easier to email us - our team would be happy to answer your questions.